Ricardo Cinalli's Painting
Ricardo Cinalli's Painting
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MARCA is an alternative art gallery showcasing original artworks by select international artists.
Artworks on display and sale include original paintings on canvas, paper and terracotta.
Please request an invite to experience our space located in Bangalore, India.

Artists Ricardo Cinalli

An Argentinian artist based in London, Ricardo creates timeless drawings and paintings of human and natural forms fusing his contemporary practice with a distinctive neo-Classical style. He captures the emotions as well as the form of his subjects with great dexterity and insight. Ricardo has worked on several major commissions including a vast fresco in the new Capella e Chiessa di Santa Maria della Misericordia, Terni, Umbria, Italy, in 2008. He has work in major public and private collections around the world.


Marie Hugo lives and works between London and France, where she was born. When she was sixteen she joined "Ecole Nationale des Beaux-arts de Montpellier" where she studied engraving and lithographic printing. After a stint in the far-east, when she painted large murals in public spaces, she returned to Europe in the eighties. She has her exhibits at galleries in France, New York, Tokyo and London. In 2007, she created a monumental installation for the Château de Haroué, near Nancy. Her works are also in several private collections across Europe and the United States.

Artists ASHAA

Based in Bangalore, India, Ashaa discovered her incredible talent to express her raw approach to colors, forms and textures, a few years back. Ashaa maintains her unique style by not letting many influences affect her attitude towards art as an expression of inner self. She performs her magic of colors and textures on canvas, paper and terracotta, currently displayed only at Marca.

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